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Kombucha SCOBY

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Kombucha SCOBY

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Looking for a home for an old mother of a Kombucha SCOBY! Adopt one now. These guys are slower than Milk Kefir, requiring attention only every 8 days, however the time required each time is greater. 

This culture size is sufficient to safely brew a 3L first batch, which can then be used in its entirety to brew a 10 liter batch!

Every purchase includes:

  • 1 month product replacement gaurantee
  • Starter tea (250mL)
  • piece of scoby (palm size or larger)
  • Basic homebrewing & safety instructions
  • Basic Whatsapp support

Ask about our Workshop Classes! For enquiries email us at info@bushwickfoodlab.com

Note: scoby may not appear the same and is packaged in plastic. it wont be perfectly round. BUT that doesnt matter! the scoby is not necessary at all and the STARTER tea is what is important! the scoby makes only a small difference in getting your brew started SAFELY. the starter tea lowers the starting pH to safe levels if our instructions are followed. gauranteed!

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